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The source of independent information about cryptosystem weakness and password recovery

2009-06-22 The translation of Russian blog of password recovery has been launched.
2009-04-13 World's first CUDA-enabled RAR password recovery utility!
2009-03-11 NVIDIA CUDA GPU benchmarks are being added.
2008-09-30 Multicore/multiprocessor and distributed RAR password recovery by Parallel Password Recovery
2007-11-30 First product for NTLM password recovery which uses Nvidia GPU hardware acceleration!
2007-03-04 New products for MS Office 2007 and for OpenOffice password recovery.
2006-10-18 Core 2 Duo benchmarks are being added
2006-09-20 Password Cracking FAQ updated.
2006-03-07 The first utlitity to process PGP keys and disks using distributed brute force.
2006-03-23 First utilities to decrypt Word 97/2000 and Excel 97/2000 compatible files in seconds!

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  About site:
       This site concerns the practical demonstration of cryptography weakness. (If you don't like the term "password cracker", use "password recovery" instead). All software presented here illustrates four main reasons of cryptosystems untrustworthiness: application of weak algorithms, wrong implementation or application of cryptalgorithms and human factor. The main goal of this site is to explain these reasons and to convince people of the use of strong cryptography. Therefore you can't find here password "crackers" that do not use any weakness, such as http, POP3 or SMTP password crackers, Hotmail password cracker, etc. All password recovery utilities are manually tested and only the best are included. If you know better password recovery software, you may submit it to the catalog.

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