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Users' comments:

User USA wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

Join the great og fatality cult today called: +2348147048097,
Illuminati head office post, I am agent Smith,A fully Agent of
this fatality,i have been giving the privilege to initiate and to
register you has a full brotherhood,you that are reading this
post you are been chose by the grand master. HEAD OFFICE
CONTACT: +447031977835 Joining this brotherhood bring
you into eternal control of wealth.famous,powerful and
protection. JOINING CALL/ WHATSAPP: +2348147048097
Joining this fatality cult,don't required money for illuminati
registration form or illuminati membership,be aware on
that,why I am telling you this is because there are mean
fraudster and scammer online today that is using the
comment of us to archives,that is why this united kingdom
contact are put here has a prove has a member
+447031977835,if you don't see this number that start with
+44 on this comment that mean fraudster has copy from us
the real illuminati,don't contact him,be aware. NOTE
THIS:before obtain or purchase any items you are advise to
contact the head office which is United kingdom,don't called
nigeria number has head office that will be lie,call
+447031977835,don't pay any money for registration form
or membership card,if you do that mean you are fraud by
scammer,you are wear not too do so, INFORMATION:for
you to join reach us on this information here,they are our
contact,and this contact contain united kingdom of the head
office,the agent smith email and agent smith nigeria
contact,if you are willing to join call mr smith on is nigeria
contact: +2348147048097 to conform if is real call the head
office contact that start with +44 be aware for those that use
smith contact,before any process conform if you are
speaking with white smith. CONTACT DETAILS:E mail:illuminatiworldrichm632@*** Head office In UK
contact: +447031977835 Agent smith contact:
+2348147048097Don't folly into wrong agent,conform first
before proceed at +447031977835

User usa wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

Don't failed to see the light. Money, powers, fame, and wealth become
your title in just three days.
If interested to join the Illuminati brotherhood headquarters at (U.S.A)
call or whats-app agent through this contact...
+(234) 7052534659.

For your online initiation.
No matter where you are. No distance can affect the work of our

Do not be deceived and beware of online internet
fraudsters claiming to be one of us do make sure you
confirm first before making an inquiries...

Whats-app or call us on +(234) 7052534659 now and say yes to your
Hail Baphomet..

User William pola wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

profitable and special
ILLUMINATI )call or whatsapp +2349064851206 Are you a
It is pertinent to also know that For becoming a
member ,you
Will be giving the sum of $100, 000, 000. 00 as the
illuminati membership
salary monthly . Please be a part of these
"OPPORTUNITY " The great illuminati
Organization makes you rich
and famous in the world , it will pull you out
from the grass root
and take you to a greater height were you have
long aspired to be
and together we shall rule the world with the
great and mighty
power of the Illuminati , long life and
prosperity here on earth with
eternal life and jubilation . email us on illuminatitempl
if you are INTERESTED .
call or whatsapp +2349064851206YOU . Be
part of something

User usa wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

Easy way to join the illuminati brotherhood in the world.kindly contact the illuminati online registration officer through email now:powellilluminati666@*** and you shall be granted an ideal opportunity to visit our temple after initiation is completed by you.
Do you desire to be rich,powerful and famous in life? What are your problems and needs?join today and you will have full access to eliminate and eradicate poverty away from your life.so register online at:powellilluminati666@*** or whatsapp +2348032496611 for further inquires and information.

User Steve wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

otherhood that will make you rich and famous
in the world and have power to control people in the high place in the
worldwide .Are you a business man or woman,artist, political, musician,
student, do you want to be rich, famous, powerful in life, join the House
of Illuminati riches today and get instant rich sum of. 2 million dollars
in a week, and a free home. Am a business man I own construction companies
all over the world but I was once like you I could not even feed my family
what kind of life was that to live, I lived in poverty until I saw an
opportunity to be a member of the great House of illuminati riches and I
took my chances and I have been a member for the past 28 years now and the
higher you get the richer you become. Illuminati makes your business grow
these and many more other benefits. If you are serious and ready to become
a member Email us now (babakaybeekay60@***) or you call the
most high one +2347065441149 or whatsapp him...

User USA wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

Good news!!! Good news!!!, Do you want to live a rich,healthy and
famous life. Do you want to get rich immediately and be out of
suffering? Do you want the world to recognize you and listen to you
when you speak? do you want to be in power and control? if yes, here
is a good tip just join the 'ILLUMINATI ORGANIZATION', you may ask
'How Can I Join' , the answer is simple all you have to do is to
us at our Email address(illuminatinationwideclub@***) or by calling
us at (+19512514932) or you can also visit us on
Whats app (+2349059895781) ELEVATE YOURSELF FROM POVERTY..

Do not hesitate to contact us.
Vibe-rout call: +19512514932
Whats app: +2349059895781
Email : illuminatinationwideclub@***


User Agent Smith wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

ATTENTION YOU ALL: I am agent white smith the Illuminati official agent,i am from united kingdom and I join Illuminati in US,i have been give the alternative to expose Illuminati to the universe that Illuminati is real when you met the rightful agent like me white smith,i have been an agent to this brotherhood more than eight year now and I am still a member and agent,don't be afraid to contact us if you are willing to join this fraternity, this fraternity welcome anybody in this wide world,this comment is been post by head office,the last comment that was past by the head office in UK was been using by fraudsters and the comment has been stopped by the Lord and from now upward (4 August 2016) we the Illuminati have stop using it because a lot of scammed are now creating a fake UK number,that is why will have come with new identity number to locate the rightful agent by calling the head office in USA not in UK anymore,ignore +44 has head office from today 4 August 2016 and start calling +1 has head office number for conform,be ware that no need for calling UK number has Illuminati head office,is now located in US,for confirmation call +1(862)260-4433
To join call white Smith at +(234)8140-033827 or In-box us on E-mail: whitesmith666illuminatitemple@*** or visit us on website at Www.***
Beware that will the Illuminati is now working on a new program to limited fraudsters and scammer that always use our comment to aim and achieve,please don't call UK number has head office has confirmation,it has be bandy by us the Illuminati now at 4 august 2016 call +1(862)260-4433 as confirmation number,no need of contacting us mobile chat as face-book,imo,Eskimi,you are ask to whatsapp an E-mail us,for joining,don't face-book any agent,it is not our access to join on face-book chat,the only alternative to join is to E-mail/whatsapp white smith at +2348140033827
The rightful identity of us the Illuminati:
HEAD OFFICE: +1(862)260-4433
WHATSAPP: +(234)8140033827
CALL: +234(814)003-3827
Be aware of scammer and contact us the real Illuminati,reach us through white smith from now,
Fake identity of us Illuminati this list below:
Head office is not located in UK anymore, don't add anybody with UK number and don't E-mail any email that is not whitesmith666illuminatitemple@***
Please don't lead yourself to fraudsters all the name of Illuminati,the complain of I have been scam is more than what will can complicated with!save your self by contacting us through this comment of us the Illuminati head office,............

User USA wrote about ver. 2017-02-18

Are you a business Man, politician, musical, student and you want
to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your
dreams by being a member of the illuminati and earn $1,000,000
USD monthly With this all your dreams and heart desire can be
fully accomplish, this is a brief summary, if you really want to be a
member of the great illuminati then get back to us for more
information and explanations about joining okay, contact us now
on oue Email: bethamrobinsonpeter@***

User USA wrote about ver. 2017-02-17

Hello everyone, i am giving a testimony of how i become rich and famous
today i was deeply strangled up by poverty and i had no body to help me, i
am an one of the Agents sent by the Lord superior Grand master to bring as
many of those who are interested in becoming a member of the great
Illuminati order, i do business, I own a Construction company, and i also
own one of the Biggest Electronic Appliance shop, and my family now lives
in USA, i was once like you, me & my wife were financially down to 1 square
meal a day, what kind of life was that to live, I lived in poverty until i
saw an opportunity to be a member of the GREAT TEMPLE OF ILLUMINATI
BROTHERHOOD and i took my chances and i have been a member for close to 10
years now. The higher you get the richer you become Illuminati, it makes
your business grow faster than you can ever imagine, illuminati brings out
the talent in you and make you famous, as you become a member of illuminati
order you will receive $4,000,000.00 US DOLLARS instantly on your Bank
Account, there are many more other benefits you stand to gain, so if you
are interested to be a member contact me now on number +2349055464666 or
our EMAIL illuminatiworldrich02@*** JOIN US TODAY & BECOME RICH,

User JOHN ALEX wrote about ver. 2017-02-17

My name is Mr. JOHN ALEX, I am 33 years old and I based in Canada. I want to notify the general public how I was helped by Illuminati temple in regaining back my business position after been sacked for about a year and six months. I have been in pains and trouble since when I was sacked from the company where I work called Canada Deposit Insurance corporation in Ottawa (headquarter) in Canada as an agency executive. I have been hopeless, financially down through out that year. But one day as I was browsing through the Internet I came across the post of Mr. John an Illuminati agent saying you can be famous, rich and successful in life by been a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood, immediately I contacted him and I explained everything to him and he recommended me and he helped me by initiating me to the Great Illuminati Brotherhood and also he gave me all the guidelines and told me their place of worship. With the help of Mr. John I was able to go to the temple and there I was initiated fully as a complete Illuminati member. Surprisingly 40 hours after I was initiated, I receive a call from the company that I have been accepted back again as the agency executive of the company at first I was shocked and surprised but latter regain myself, I was told to resume work the next day by 7:00am. Starting from that day I and my family had been living a joyful and a luxurious life. So viewers who are interested in becoming a member of the Illuminati Brotherhood and also wants to be famous, rich, wealthy and gain power should peacefully contact Mr. John on his email address on (illuminatibloodmoney88@***) or you can as well call him on +2349060961651 or add him up on whatsapp on +2349060961651) . Be a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood and achieve all your heart desire and accomplish your dreams. Thanks to the Great Illuminati Brotherhood....

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