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Users' comments:

User UK wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

How can I explain this testimony to the public about a great temple of the
Illuminati were you find, riches, power and fame, are you a business man or
woman, are you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer, are you a student or
graduate, who so ever you are in all over the world dose not matter to us,
what matter a lot to us is to see you happy and rich, we are giving you the
chance here to be what so ever you want to be in life, join the Illuminati
secret brothers hood and get all you need in life, we offer every thing you
need in life, if you are really ready to make it in life is better you join
us now! How to Join Illuminati and become rich and famous! How to Join
Illuminati in united kingdom How to Join Illuminati in united states How to
Join Illuminati in South Africa How to Join Illuminati in Canada How to
Join Illuminati in Germany How to Join Illuminati in Malaysia How to Join
Illuminati in Italy How to Join Illuminati in Australia How to Join
Illuminati in Belize How to Join Illuminati in Nigeria How to Join Illuminati
in Kenya, How to Join Illuminati and become Rich How to Join Illuminati and
have all you want in life join the Illuminati any were you are In the world
today kindly email us now so that we can proceed with your request from our
temple, contact us through this email now on (
*** or call +2348066163720) and you will be glad as me.

User nigeria wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

Are you a business man, politician, musical, student and you want to be
rich, powerful and be famous in life or need a power to achieving your
dreams. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Illuminati.
With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you
really want to be a member of the great Illuminati then you can contact
MR LARRY JOHNSON +2348107231735 or +2348072332440 his email{
chiefokosilluminatiworldwide@***} Full
Country....................................... State of
origin............................ Date of
Phone......................................... Email

User illuminatilod wrote about ver. 2016-11-23


User USA wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

Are you a business man,an artist,Politician, musician, student and want to
become wealthy, Powerful and famous in life,then come join the brotherhood
of illuminati to become a member today.you shall have the chance to visit
the illuminati and his representative after registrations is completed by
you, no human life is needed, Illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth
and fame in life, you have a full access to eradicate poverty away from
your life now because once initiated, you will be given a token of one
million dollas ($1,000,000) and an accommodation anywhere of your choice to
get started. It only a member who has been initiated into the brotherhood
that have the authority to bring new members to the fellowship, so before
you contact any body you must be link by who is already a member, Join us
today and realize your dreams. So contact Jones Albert who is in charge of
new intake for details and more informations:-
Contact official accounts below on membership aspiration

My rating:5

User jason wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become rich
famous and popular and your life story will be change totally my
name is MR. Jason I am here to share my testimony on how I
join the great brotherhood Illuminati and my life story was change
immediately . I was very poor no job and I have no money to even
feed and take care of my family I was confuse in life I don’t know
what to do I try all my possible best to get money but no one work
out for me each day I share tears, I was just looking out my family
no money to take care of them until one day I decided to join the
great Illuminati , I come across them in the internet I never believe
I said let me try I email them.all what they said we happen in my
life just started it was like a dream to me they really change my
story totally . They give me the sum of $ 100,000.00 and many thing.
through the Illuminati I was able to become rich, and have many
industry on my own and become famous and popular in my country
, today me and my family is living happily and I am the most
happiest man here is the opportunity for you to join the Illuminati
and become rich and famous in life and be like other people and
you life we be change totally.If you are interested in joining the
great brotherhood Illuminati.then contact us
Via whatsapp +2348101333426
Email: ( illuminatiworld46@***)

My rating:5

User usa wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

Dobrý den, diváci, to je škoda, že naše tajemství bratrství staly co většina lidí nyní používá jak tam usilovat o získání peněz, tak bych se omluvit těm, kteří mají spadne na jednou, kteří tvrdí, že jsou agentem naší tajné bratrství volal Illuminati, jakýkoli Ilumináti člen, který se vám nezobrazuje jeho nebo její totožnosti je falešná a kromě vyhýbat se těm tvrzením skutečný agenta na facebooku neexistuje žádný skutečný prostředek na facebooku kvůli otázce podvodné. Ilumináti je hlavně z Egypta a Keni a Všimněte si, že naše současná sídlo je nyní v USA, to je už ne ve Velké Británii opět vzhledem k podvodné, které jsou nyní tam existovat. existuje jen pět agent, který byl nedávno poslat do Nigérie založit církev Lucifer tady. A další věc je, že jsme skuteční ilumináti jsou vzácné a velmi muset určit, můžete nám určit pouze s naším e-mailovou adresu a naše ústředí počet mobil, který je + 1810-346-2540 a naši e-mailovou ID, které obvykle zahrnují \"666 \"na to, prosím, a pro ty, kteří se dosud se scammed a jsou ochotni se připojit, buďte opatrní, protože existuje mnoho podvodníků a tolik podvodník teď, kteří tvrdí, že jsou skutečné. Takže teď budu chtít ty, kteří mají zájem zasáhnout tuto e-mailovou adresu: mrunitepeterilluminate666@***~~HEAD=dobj pro odkaz o tom, jak se připojit k našemu bratrství nebo hit nám zprávu na naší WhatsApp s tímto číslem +2348124752454 pro rychlé konverzaci o tom, jak začít. A jsou tu ještě hodně podvodníků na WhatsApp nyní a prosím, neměli byste přidat nikoho na facebooku nebo e-mailem jakýkoliv jak ujistěte se, že se bojí s ním před provedením jakékoli nakloněné, takže buďte opatrní a také prosím, pozor na podvodníky ..

User USA wrote about ver. 2016-11-23

i am giving a testimony of how i become rich and famous today... i was deeply strangled up by poverty and i had no body to help me, and also i search for help from different corners but to no avail. i see people around me getting rich but to me i was so ashamed of my self so i met a man on my way he was very rich and he was a doctor so he told me something and i think over it though out the day so the next day i looked up and i keep repeating what he said to me. " if you want to get rich quick and be famous" you need to cross your heart and do what is in your mind so i tried all i could in other for me to do as he said so later on i told my fellow friend about this same thing then my friend was interested in my suggestions so i decided to look in the internet and i found an email address of this great fraternity (thetempleofilluminati@***),(thetempleofilluminati@***) so we decided to contact them and unfortunately we did as they instruct us to do and later they told us to get some requirements and all the rest... so this initiation took us just a week and later on the great fraternity gave us $70,000,000.00 to start up our lives.... and now am testifying that if in any case you want to join any great fraternity all you need to do is for you to contact them because they are legitimate and they do as what they instructed them to do okay so email them now at (thetempleofilluminati@***),(thetempleofilluminati@***) or call this number +2348107106668 or Our USA, +17722175375,Or our UK number, +447031912217.

User usa wrote about ver. 2016-11-22

Welcome to all post of illuminati cult where all your heart desire are granted and power over all things in the world, this is well know fact that the illuminati church consist of multi billionaires and have power, weath, riches and be a famous person in the world.
Join the illuminati cult online today and get
instant sum of 300million
dollars with a free home anywhere you
choose to live in the world and also get
100,000,000 dollars monthly as a
If you are interested please kindly fill the
following information's to
this email below
(illuminatifamousworldwide@*** or call +2347068008239}..
A Cash Reward of USD $300,000,000 USD
A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD
$120,000 USD
A Dream House bought in the country of
your own choice
One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream
tourist destination.
One year Golf Membership package
A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World
A total Lifestyle change
Access to Bohemian Grove
Monthly payment of $70,000,000 USD into
your bank account every month as a
One Month booked Appointment with Top 5
world Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities
in the World.
Tell us little about yourself...
No dirty game,no sacrifices and
No evil, a cult of peace, big aim
Illuminati email us (illuminatifamousworldwide@***) or call +2349073889037 .

User us wrote about ver. 2016-11-22

Am Mr SAMMY from UK
I am glad today because am now
a successful man of Illuminati, i
have taught of been one of the
illuminati's member so that i will
be wealthy for life and my family
will be forever rich.
I get linked up by a man called Mr
Jake who introduce me to
this agent who have a successful
influence with this occultist
illuminati, so he took me joining
the team to their real powerful
man in USA who was the head of
all illuminati member to help his
cousin on belonging to the
membership. All because of him
he really did all for me, and now
am so glad of becoming a
illuminati member, i am now rich
and wealthy. Thank your Mr
Jake For your support.
Illuminati is a great and powerful
means to get popular in life
Do you want your parents to be
proud of you?
Do want your ex back
Do want to be famous
Do want to be a celebrity
Do want my business to grow
Do want to get rich
Do want to be honorably good
academically. So if
you really wants to be like me
today contact t666illuminatiworldtemple@*** or call +2348039370962

My rating:1

User nigeria wrote about ver. 2016-11-22

HELLO EVERYONE THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY.JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI CALL +2348162868851 AND GET RICH WE PROVED MONEY TO PEOPLE THAT ARE MEMBER SO WE WELCOME YOU TO JOIN NOW SAY BY BY TO POVERTY AND GET 18MILLION AFTER INITIATION CALL OR WHASSAP ONE OF THE GREAT HIRE PRIEST IN NIGERIA +2347059186346 or eamil : martyilluminatiworld@*** If you do not want to join the Illuminati do not read this message. Rules * You must be above 18 years of age. * You must have full access to the internet. * You must not discuss the secret of the Illuminati to anyone. * We are not interested in anyone who has obtained their knowledge about the Illuminati based on what they %u2019ve HEARD from Mass Media (News or Performing Arts), Conspiracy Theorists (Amateur or Professional Authors or Speculators), Internet Rumors, or other HERESY. * Once you join the Illuminati within one week of your membership you will achieved the greatest goal in life and also have wealth and fame and 18millionusd we be give to you ask a new member. * No one discard the message of the GREAT ILLUMINATI if discarded the person will be tormented both day and night.Failure to compel to the order and rules of the GREAT ILLUMINATI shall see your fame and riches taken back. * The money ALWAYS flows TOWARDS Illuminati members...And AWAY from NON Illuminati members... One of the rules of the Illuminati is\"We don\'t talk about the Illuminati\"so I can\'t say too much about it here. If you are truly interested and get back to me via email?.martyilluminatiworld@*** call +2348162868851 Do not play mind games that is how when i want to join the illuminati i was think if this is going to work until i met this right man and call him;\'; +2347059186346 thank the great illuminati?

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