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Users' comments:

User mrcollins wrote about ver. 2017-01-12

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the great brotherhood Illuminati?
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User usa wrote about ver. 2017-01-12

Hello. vewer am here to share my testimony on how I finally join

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say to the world that am one of the richest by having the sum of $

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looking for help .Here is his>> Email dgreatpowerfullilluminati@gmail ***

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User illumenati wrote about ver. 2017-01-11

You are a businessman, politician, music,
student and want
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needs the power
to achieve their dreams. You can achieve their
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member of the Illuminate. with that all your
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User west africa wrote about ver. 2017-01-11

Do you want to be a member of Illuminati as a brotherhood
that will make you rich and famous in the world and have
power to control people in the high place in the worldwide
.Are you a business man or woman,artist, political,
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in life, join the Illuminati brotherhood cult today and get
instant rich sum of. 2 million dollars in a week, and a free
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get 10,000,000 U.S dollars monthly as a salary %u2026
1. A Cash Reward of USD $500,000 USD
2. A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $300,000 USD
3.A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice
4. One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream tourist
5.One year Golf Membership package
6.A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World 7.A total
Lifestyle change 8.Access to Bohemian Grove
9.Monthly payment of $1,000,000 USD into your bank
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10.One Month booked Appointment with Top 5 world
Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities in the World.
If you are interested of joining us in the great brotherhood
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User USA wrote about ver. 2017-01-11

23Join illuminate cult online today and get instant sum of 92million dollars with a free house anywhere you choose to live in the world and also get 720,000dollars monthly as a salary... If you are interested please kindly fill the following information to this email below l Full name:Sex: Age: Country: State of origins: Occupation: Join real illuminate world wide today what are your needs? are you an up coming artiste? a comedian? a pastor? a politician? a farmer? a footballer? a worker? a student? an hiv&aids? an actor or actress? a spell that we bring your ex back? a business man or woman? are you tired of sufferings? do you need excess money? do you need international money? do you need money in all denominations? do you want to be in control and in positions of high authorities? are you finding it difficult to excel in your endeavours? Now you have to overcome all you difficulties!!! Just a step away to start living a life of your dreams: make up your mind now and start swimming in an in fluent wealthy and riches and power above your peers and equals and be connected with these three groups of men; those that matters. the movers and the shakers. Only the help of the great illuminate we you achieve all of it,be a member of church today and experience a life of open closed doors. No blood stain No ritual involved. Only your loyalty is needed, and then get you initiated, we don't false people to join us, we have more than 68390,836,0037 billion members, so if you are not interested don't hesitate there is a dead spell attach to it, but if you are interested contact me on.[Illuminatifamous5556@***] or whatsapp +2348132557027

User perry white wrote about ver. 2017-01-10

Becoming a Member of the ILLUMINATI. your qualifications
are;- Only those who can provide service for themselves, like
the Politicians, Musicians, Business Man/Woman, student
who earn already are allowed to email Our Portal for
Registrations, On no account must you tender our email
without a successful process, we grow and famous already
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them more rich and famous, so if you are any of these, and
you want to join ILLUMINATI/brotherhood message our
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Contact agent john drake @West Africa for immediate initiation whats app or call +234 (8147 353 967) Hail Baphomet...

User uk wrote about ver. 2017-01-10


I taught becoming wealthy and famous is not possible for me to achieve until i came across an illuminati man who showed me the way in and today my dream has become a reality by having the wealth, riches and fame i have ever desired.
I Joined the great Illuminati 6 years ago and i was given sum of 3 million dollars with a free home of my choice to live in, And also receiving 500 thousand dollar as monthly income and also been giving money to start up a business of my choice.
if interested apply now via email:
Full name::::::::::::
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Attach Scan I'd card,passport or driver license
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human sacrifices and No evil:is a cult of
Illuminati group of the prominent. our email:
or contact us by whatsapp +2348077685263

User UK wrote about ver. 2017-01-09

Do you want to become very rich, famous in life and earn $500,000us dollar every one weeks? If yes then join the Illuminati brother hood now and get all you need in life, so contact us now for more information on how you will be fully initiated into the Illuminati brother hood and get all you need in life. EMAIL[ jointheilluminatimoney666@***} or whaspp +2349030313722

User wrote about ver. 2017-01-08

are you a good musician or a business man/woman or as well a worker and you need excess of money and you also want to become famous and wealthy?, here is your chance to become a member of the great illuminati church of satan, the 666 and become a star in your life. if really you are interested in becoming a full member of the illuminati don't hesitate to email us or call us now, we also want you to know that there is nobody that is to determine your future because your future is right in your hands so join us now and become a responsible human being in life, email us now if interested in becoming rich and powerful member of the illuminati brotherhood: illuminati.666.temple@*** or call us now on: +2348052478831

User unitepeter wrote about ver. 2017-01-05

Hello viewers, it is unfortunate that our secret fraternity have become what most people now use as there aim of getting money, I would say sorry to those who have falling to the once who claim of being an agent of our secret fraternity called Illuminati, any Illuminati member who doesn't show you his or her identity card is a fake and besides avoid those claiming a real agent on facebook there is no real agent on facebook due to the issue of fraudulent. The Illuminati is mainly from Egypt and Kenya, and note that our present head office is now in USA, it is no longer in UK again due to the fraudulent that are now existing there. there are only five agent which was recently send to Nigeria to establish the church of Lucifer over here. And the other thing is that we the real Illuminati are scarce and very have to identify , you can only identify us with our email address and our head office cellphone number which is +1810-346-2540 and our email ID which normally include "666" on it, and please for those who haven't yet be scammed and are willing to join, please be careful cos there are alot of fraudsters and so many imposter now who claims they are real. So now I will want those who are interested to hit this email address: mrunitepeterilluminate666@*** for the link on how to join our fraternity or hit us a message on our whatsapp with this number +2348124752454 for quick conversation on how to start. And there are still alot of fraudsters on whatsapp now and please you shouldn't add anyone on facebook or email any how, make sure you are terrified with it before you make any attempt, so be careful and also please beware of fraudsters..

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